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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Experience Unlimited?

  • ​​Experience Unlimited (EU) is a no-fee career resource center and job search networking group for business and technical professionals in the Irvine Area. EU is sponsored by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) and supported by EU volunteers. The Irvine Chapter of EU (EUI) serves the needs of professionals in the Orange County area, and is centered in Irvine. A list of other EU chapters may be seen on the California EDD site.

2. What services does EU offer to job seekers?

  • EU members have access to workshops, job listings, networking events, office facilities, resume assistance, interview practice, support groups and more....


3. What services does EU offer to EU Alumni?

  • EU alumni are invited to participate in selected networking events, databases and online discussion groups. Interested alumni should call or visit the EU office for details.

4. Do I have to be a member to use EU resources?

  • EU training workshops are open to the public on a space-available basis. Access to EU office resources and network database is limited to active EU members and qualifying alumni.

5. How do I become a member of EU?

  • Please see the "Membership" tab for detailed qualification requirements. If you meet the initial requirements, please sign up at the EDD desk located inside the Irvine OneStop center. Then attend an orientation meeting and the workshops. At the conclusion of the EUI Orientation, membership may be offered based on membership openings.

6. What must I do to maintain my EU membership?

  • To remain an active member of EU, you agree to volunteer 16 hours per month (an average of 4 hours each week).

7. Can I put my EU membership "on hold"?

  • "Active" members of EU who have completed all membership requirements may change their membership status to "inactive" by submitting a Change of Status Form. Inactive members do not have access to EU office resources. Inactive members can reactivate membership after six months by going through the application process again.

8. How can I get a calendar of EU meeting speakers and workshops?

  • EU members and other interested parties can obtain a copy of the monthly calendar at the EU office.

9. Does EU have a dress code?

  • Standard dress code for EU members is business casual. Formal business attire may be required for certain events.

10. What are the EU committees?

  • EU has five operational committees: Business Operations (Administration), Computer Services, Marketing, Resume Critique, and Training. Committees are staffed by EU volunteers. Members can volunteer to share their expertise in a particular area or to learn a new skill.

11. Does EU provide child care?

  • Child care is not available at the EU office or the Irvine OneStop facility. It is not appropriate to bring children to the EU office.

12. Who pays for EU services?

  • Our tax dollars support EU through the California EDD (Employment Development Department).​

13. How do I change my membership information?

14.  How to inform EU that I have obtained a job?

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